The More I See The Less I Know For Sure

Imagine All The People Living For Today

I read a really amazing post today on the front page of WordPress about a woman who’s life was turned around because of John Lennon. It really clenched at my heart strings and made me feel, in some weird way, connected to this person. I LOVE music. I have maybe one ounce of musical talent in my whole body but music is something that speaks to people universally in different ways. When I was growing up I never really had a “favorite” band or musician, I listened to a lot of stuff old and new, pop and rock, classic and not so classic. I would always listen to stuff from The Beatles and Janis Joplin and that whole era because of my mom. I would find her old records or her greatest hits CDs and put them on. It wasn’t until later on in life that I realized The Beatles were my favorite band of all time. I can listen to their stuff on repeat everyday if I had to. Last year, on my step father’s birthday WMGK played a whole day of Beatles music and it was one of my favorite days of the year, it helped me get through that day that always makes me sad.

Anyway, I took this picture last year in New York City, Central Park at Strawberry Fields. It was my 26th birthday and this was one of the only two things I wanted to do on that day. I wanted to see this place. I had been to New York a few times before and never got the chance to see it and a good friend of mine was nice enough to join me (thanks Strapper!) If you were to ask my friend my reaction during the moments we were there she would probably tell you I filled up with tears, and looked like I lost a friend while at the same time experiencing the best moment of my life. To me, it was a huge accomplishment getting there and seeing this.

This photo is definitely one of my favorites because 1. Lennon was a genius beyond what anyone could even have described 2. That one word just makes you think of all the possibilities in life.This may not be the best picture I have ever taken in life, probably not even close but it symbolizes love and beauty and something close to my heart.

People called Lennon a “hippie” because they thought he spoke non-sense brought on by drugs but he described it best “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” People may not have been as open in their feelings as John was and they still may not be that way today but as the other post I read earlier stated “Love was what John was all about…” and that statement is truth in it’s truest form. Love was his main message for people and I don’t think they understood that. Lennon was a genius beyond what people could understand. He said and wrote things that were so advanced for the time that the only way people could explain it was by saying it was the drugs. But they were wrong. When I listen to those 4 men and the music they made together, and the music they have done alone I feel at peace, I feel safe, and I feel loved. Something happens to me when I hear their music that can only be described as comforting if I was to use words, but even that doesn’t seem like enough.

I’m a dreamer, I’m a hopeless romantic, I always hope for the best, and I’m a lover. I love the people in my life, I love the things I’m surrounded by everyday and no matter what I always try to tell the people I love how much they mean to me as often as I can. I still wish  to this day Lennon was around to spread more words of love to people because he never would of given up no matter what people said about him.

If you continue to read my posts you may see future references to The Beatles, and depending on how well you know them is if you’ll catch on or not. But I wanted this to be my first official picture post because of how much it symbolizes and how special it is to me. One request I have is that after reading this you find one person you love and tell them how you feel. I don’t care who it is or if you have already said it, say it again. I will continue to share the things I love with you through this blog.

“Love is you; you and me”


~ by Kim on June 9, 2010.

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