It’s Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Art Museum

The Philadelphia Art Museum

The Ben Franklin Bridge

The Ben Franklin Bridge

Philadelphia Sky Line

Philadelphia Sky Line

Philadelphia Skyline

Philadelphia Skyline

Sometimes the sky is a little gray here in Philly.

I took these pictures one day on my way home from an  expo in Oaks,Pa. My friend Nicole was driving, like she does (thanks Nicole!) and we were in a little bit of traffic and I felt like snapping a few photos. It’s weird but I like when you get a good view of cityscapes. I’ve always been fascinated with The Ben Franklin Bridge. I use to photograph it all the time when I was taking classes back in college. The art museum is also a pretty cool building and who doesn’t love our skyline? I do wish I would of gotten our skyline from the opposite direction but maybe another day.

I love living in this city. I know there are a lot of horrible things about this city, and people say nothing but bad things, it really is a great place. There is so much history here and so many things to see. I sometimes get bored of doing the same thing over and over again and wish I was more of a “do things alone” type of person but I’m not. Sometimes I miss out on things because I won’t do them alone, maybe it’s because I want others to be able to experience things with me but I think I look at things differently and find odd things interesting that others want nothing to do with. Ha! Anyway I do plan to get out more often on my own and take more shots around the city. I may look like a tourist doing it but who cares? This city has some beautiful places and they should be captured.

I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the original photos, as I took them from a moving vehicle. I expected more of a motion blur in them but I think they came out pretty sharp considering. I originally wanted to do some HDR type of editing on these photos and although they have that feel slightly, they went in another direction but I love how they came out. These were my first photos i edited using Lightroom and I haven’t turned back since. This day was a little cloudy and the sun was poking through slightly. I like how it looks like the clouds are about to open up and unleash something from the sky.

Until next time…..


~ by Kim on June 10, 2010.

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